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Welcome to our Website! And Welcome to The Piano Workshop!!!

The Piano Workshop at Bergen County is one of the premiere music schools in Northern New Jersey, offering private piano, guitar, and voice lessons. Our Bergen County studio offers a wonderful environment, optimum teaching conditions, perfect acoustics and high quality pianos. Every instructor at our studio has a degree in music education, performance or pedagogy and has an extensive resume of professional performances and experience.

The Piano Workshop at Bergen County offers a unique environment, unlike any other music school in the area. Each instructor has a personal, dedicated interest in your music education. We match each student with an instructor that is best suited to teach the student the necessary skills and related theory to learn to play and grow musically. This approach allows students to tap into their individual creative spirit and begin a lifelong journey of exploring and appreciating music.

So much has changed in today’s music world. Music is all around us: on the radio, in commercials, even on computers, and what we hear is a diversity that we have never had before. The musical development of children and adults includes a wide variety of styles and sounds, from Bach and blues to pop and jazz.

Learning to play the piano or any instrument plays an important role in a child’s development, not just as a means of learning performance repertoire, but also as a means of nurturing and personal growth.

Students have different strengths, interests, and learning styles. These factors are all considered when choosing appropriate curricula and lesson materials for each individual. Aspiring musicians are encourages to develop musical artistry and personal expression in addition to gaining musical skills and knowledge.

At The Piano Workshop, we take pride in helping students develop an appreciation for all styles of music, providing musical challenges, developing a music education, participating in performance opportunities, and preparing young students for continuing their music careers through college.

Too often, students are taught to simply memorize notes. The Piano Workshop takes pride in teaching students to sight-read, transpose, recognize key signatures, improvise, and compose music. This gives them an understanding and appreciation of music and how it can be applied elsewhere.

The Piano Workshop