Maya Reyes – Voice, Piano

Maya Reyes, daughter of Ray Drummond (world renowned jazz bassist and former Juilliard Jazz Faculty), grew up singing in bands, choirs, and dancing ballet all her life. She also plays clarinet, oboe, bass, and piano.

Former Assistant Director to both the New Jerusalem Choir and Orchestra, Maya volunteers regularly with ASEZ (Save the Earth from A to Z), an organization promoting world peace through various events and clean-ups. ASEZ has received UN recognition as well as the Green Apple Award for its “Reduce Crime Together” Campaign.

She has also made various appearances and recordings for the World Mission Society Church of God, performing for an audience over 30,000 in Korea, as well as making her Alice Tully debut with “Working Together for World Peace”.

Maya loves music & the arts and is excited to be joining the Piano Workshop Family!

The Piano Workshop