Reasons to Continue Music Lessons Over the Summer

Summer is almost here!  Long days at the beach, barbecues, fresh air and the great outdoors- I can hardly wait!

For kids this is a particularly special time of year for one very obvious reason- no school! Kids are so busy nowadays with school and activities that they rarely get a chance to unwind and enjoy a little lack of structure.  And they need it.  They need time to be kids.

Is it wise to take a complete break from music lessons over the summer?  Not really; its sort of like taking a break from eating vegetables. (Szczepaniak, 2015) Most children have a summer reading packet and assignments to do so that they maintain their mental gains and don’t forget what they learned!  Here are a few reasons to squeeze in a few lessons over the summer:

  • There is more potential time to practice
  • Scheduling lessons is much easier
  • Maintains a hint of structure without being oppressive
  • Offers a nice relaxing counterbalance from all the physical activity outside
  • Provides a setting to relax a bit and do more fun and kid-centric music
  • With less school-related stress, children are in a totally different mindset, one more conducive to appreciating and making music

A few more things to consider is that music is already ‘neglected’ during the school year; other subjects receive nearly daily attention, while music lessons take up only ½-1 hour a week!

The most important reason to take a few lessons over the summer is that people forget!  It is actually scary how easy it is to forget the fundamentals of playing an instrument after just a few weeks of not playing, much less nearly 3 months.

With children, it may take 1-2 months just to get them to where they were before taking a break for the summer.  This can translate to a 4-5-month stall in progress.  They struggle with things that were easy for them just before the summer, and this can be VERY frustrating and discouraging for a child.

Music can be considered a foreign language, and like anything else, if you don’t use it, you lose it!

And if you end up going away for the summer, make sure to listen to lots of good music!

















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